About Me

Welcome to my Blog!

My name is Marina. I have been an international student in the US since August 26, 2013. I have been learning English for 5 years prior to arrival, and I would say that I had sufficient skills to productively work and improve in the new environment of Private American High School. It was my choice to come here, and I guess Harry Potter’s boarding school experience influenced it quite a bit. At least I have that in common with the heroes of my childhood.

I am extremely busy here. In my first year, as a sophomore, I was determined to be as involved in the community as possible; however, practice showed that it is not humanely possible to be a varsity XC and Track runner, a good student who takes 3 AP and 2 honors classes, and to be involved in 3+ clubs. The limit of 24 hours in a day hit me pretty bad last year, for the first time in my life.

This year I am an IB Diploma Candidate. You can read about IB Program Here. I am taking 4 HL classes after ditching IB Dance SL for IB Biology HL; hence, I use group 6 as an opportunity to take another Science, so my Diploma will be accepted in countries like Germany, in case if I choose to go to University or Grad School there.

I am still a varsity athlete, who has much ambition, but little time for progress. I started running way too late in my life. I first joined a running team back in my home country when I was 10, but then I did not run for about a year, and only after I turned 12 I started running for the feeling of freedom. It is still the main reason I run. However, my competitive nature, my best friend and worst enemy, now makes me love and enjoy painful runs, when my legs and lungs are on fire, an every gulp of air feels like the last, and every step is a conscious and calculated effort. Let’s hope it brings me somewhere great.

I am brave. I am competitive. I am smart. I am curious. I am athletic.

Now it is time for me to shut up.

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